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Transition of Stevia Business from JBB Stevia Laboratory, Ltd. to B and L Corporation

Announcement of establishment of a new company

The research achievements, technologies, market applications and customers that JBB Stevia Laboratory, Ltd. has developed for the past 17 years in connection with stevia have been assigned and transferred to a new company "B and L Corporation" for accelerated expansion of stevia business.

JBB Stevia Laboratory, Ltd., which has long been patronized by its customers, distributors, business partners, vendors, researchers and consultants, will continue to support B and L Corporation in research and development of stevia products and applications for their benefits.

We would appreciate it very much if you would give your continued and further cooperation and support also to B and L Corporation.

What is Nitrate in Farm Products that Produces a Harmful Effect on Human Health? Stevia Substantially Reduces Nitrate in Farm Produces
October 26, 2004
Another book "Hepatitis C Patients Saved by Stevia" translated into Chinese
October 26, 2004
Stevia Research Achievements and Joint Research Institutes Updated
October 26, 2004
Company History Updated
October 26, 2004

Testimonials from happy customers of B&L Stevia products

April 26, 2003
---------Hepatitis C
---------Atopy dermatitis

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